Owner`s engineering services

For conducting large energy investment projects (power stations, bpoiler houses, combined power and heat plants, oil production, etc.) usually two different methods are used:

  1. EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) – general contracting method,
  2. EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) – project management method.

In the first case, the developer concludes the so-called all-in-one contract in order to construct proposed objects. With skilful conclusion of the contract, the orderers minimise their risks and can keep an eye on the whole process by applying owner’s engineering of various disciplines and therefore they can be sure that they receive final result that is in conformity with the contract terms. At the same time, the orderer has to take into account that the risks taken by the main contractor are reflected in the cost of the project.

In the other case, the developer hires and project management consultant who helps him upon the conclusion of various contracts (for example, in case of combined heat  and power plant approximately 50 contract packages), coordination between works, construction supervision and general management of the whole project. Difference from the first variation lies in that all risks related to the success of the project are born by the orderer, while the cost of the project is approximately 10 to 15% cheaper than in the first case.

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