Projects of emission limit values

We prepare projects of emission limit values for the application for the ambient air pollution permit with the forming of the applications for the ambient air pollution permit and help to apply for the ambient air pollution permit. Offered service includes the preparation of all necessary documents, including the determination of pollution sources of installations and emission parameters of pollutants or calculations depending on the pollution source and modelling of dispersion of pollutants by using the software Breeze AerMod.

We can help to calculate the emissions of pollutants and to determine the determination methodology of emissions when there are no methodologies approved by the Minister of the Environment. Our services also include the preparation of declarations of environmental taxes and reports on the basis on primary data submitted by an installation.

The Ambient Air Protection Act and the regulations of the Minister of the Environment establish:

  • The procedure and methods for the determination of emission limit values of pollutants released into ambient air from combustion plants,
  • The emission levels of pollutants and capacities of plants used beyond which an ambient air pollution permit and a special pollution permit is required,
  • The emission limit values of pollutants,
  • The limit value, target value and margins of tolerance of the ambient air pollution level,
  • The format of an application for pollution permits and special pollution permits, the format of the permits and the requirements for the content of an application for permit,
  • The procedure for determination of ambient air pollution levels.

Pursuant to the Ambient Air Protection Act and regulations of the Minister of the Environment, the emission limit values’ project shall establish the emission volumes of such pollutants as carbon dioxide CO2, sulphur dioxide SO2, nitrogen oxides NOx, carbon oxide CO and volatile organic compounds contained in flue gases and released into the ambient air in the process of burning gases, solid or liquid fuels, and shall provide an environmental assessment of the combustion plant’s operation, and shall enable to apply for the ambient air pollution permit in compliance with the established procedure.

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