Energy audit

The objective of an energy audit is to give an overview of energy consumption in a specific building or production process and to determine possible applications of energy saving measures. Specific mapping of energy losses (energy audit) of an apartment building enables to determine the priorities for the performance of renovation works of the building.

pilt_35_engNomine Consult OÜ has acquired a lot of local experience regarding the mapping of energy saving measures in residential buildings.

The bases for the economically successful functioning of heating supply are the technical effectiveness of the respective systems and the level of energy losses. In addition, these are the bases for the profitability calculations that are necessary for the planning of reconstruction and renewal investments. It is reasonable to introduce new investments in heating supply only if it brings along significant increase in effectiveness or reduction of losses.

Measurements are used to determine:

  • Efficiency of boilers,
  • Efficiency of  boiler house,
  • Heat and mechanical leaks of heat network,
  • Heat and mechanical leaks of single pipes of heat network.

On the basis of received results, it is possible to prepare the effectiveness analysis of the whole heating supply system or single components (boiler house, heat networks), but it is also possible to determine the instructions and regime cards for optimal loading of equipment and need for repair, to regulate automatic burning and control mode to optimal level according to the regimes of operation and technical condition of equipment, and to prepare economically most profitable reconstruction and renewal plans for the equipment.

Based on the measurement results we give you our recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of heating supply system.

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