Feasibility and profitability studies

Profitability studies of investments are an integral part of each energy study or development plan. Profitability calculations are used to determine economic substance of various solutions, and these have decisive role upon making a final choice between various solutions.

Unfortunately, we can find both in Estonia and elsewhere examples of energy projects that were completed in a hurry. The main reasons of failures are as follows:

  • Incorrectly estimated price formation of fuels and electric power,
  • Inappropriate or unnecessarily expensive technological solution,
  • Incorrectly estimated consumption capacity,
  • Incorrectly estimated production capacity,
  • Too expensive financing source and unfavourable financing scheme.

Nomine Consult OÜ has taken part in the preparation of hundred´s of profitability calculations.

If you have an idea, you should contact us. Nomine Consult OÜ helps you to avoid making unfavourable decisions and save millions of Euros.

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