Air pollution calculations and modelling

Air quality and the assessment thereof is established by the Regulation No.112 of the Minister of the Environment concerning the limit values of emissions of pollutants per permitted unit of volume in the gases released from large combustion plants, and in addition, by the EU directives that are mandatory for the Member States. The referred legislation provides for the frequency and scope of the measurements and assessments of air pollution.

Upon the performance of dispersion calculations, Nomine Consult OÜ applies the Enviman software that is based on the so-called AERMOD model. The dispersion model is based on Gaussian methodology and is able to take into account several pollution sources and real impact of climate conditions. The model calculates the dispersion of pollutants in the planetary boundary layer of the atmosphere by taking into consideration meteorological conditions, but also the pollution plume rise, deposition on nearby buildings and other obstacles, and dimensions of chimney, etc

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